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We encourage all our members to join British Triathlon

These benefits are designed to support you through your triathlon experience.


  Main Benefits

  • Lower Event Entry Costs
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Accident Legal Service
  • Monthly Newsletter


  British Triathlon Membership Services

  Wear The Union Jack as part of the Great Britain Age-Group Team

  • As a member you are eligible to try and qualify for the Great Britain Age-Group Team. This is the non-elite format of the National Team and allows athletes to compete for European and World Championship medals and titles against fellow competitors within pre-defined age categories. If you make the team, you can be proud to represent Great Britain wearing the Decente Great Britain Age-Group Team kit. You can read more about Age- Group triathlon and how to qualify here


  Become A National Champion

  • As a member you have eligibility to compete for National Championship titles and medals in sprint, standard and middle distance triathlons as well as duathlon, aquathlon and cross triathlon.





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Monthly Racing

Keep track of your times and monitor progress throughout the season.



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